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Identifier: 06OSLO95
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Origin: Embassy Oslo
Created: 2006-01-27 14:22:00
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
Redacted: This cable was not redacted by Wikileaks.
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C O N F I D E N T I A L OSLO 000095 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 01/27/2016 
Classified By: Ambassador Benson K. Whitney, Reason 1.4 b and d. 
 1.  (C)  Meeting in Oslo, Foreign Minister Jonas Stoere told 
A/S Dan Fried on January 27 that he plans to speak with Abbas 
later today and tell him that he is sending his number two, 
Deputy Foreign Minister Raymond Johansen, to visit with him 
next week (date unspecified).  Stoere wanted to make sure we 
knew he was doing this in case there were messages we wanted 
passed to Abbas.  A/S Fried referred to the Secretary's 
remarks calling on Hamas to renounce violence, turn away from 
terrorism, and accept the right of Israel to exist. (Note: 
The FM did not explicitly mention meeting with Hamas, but he 
strongly suggested Johansen will try to meet with "emerging" 
leaders.  End note) 
2.  (C)  Stoere went on to explain that as Chair of the AHLC, 
and as the PA is one of the largest recipients of Norwegian 
aid, he wants to engage in the wake of the elections to try 
to steer the new government in the right direction.  Stoere 
agrees fully with us that Hamas must renounce violence and 
accept Israel.  Stoere said his assessment is that the 
situation is chaotic, that Hamas "is shell-shocked" and did 
not expect to win, and that there is an opportunity to 
deliver a message. 
3.  (C)  Norway, for its part, wants to ensure that if it 
continues to provide assistance, that it go through 
uncorrupted channels. Stoere said that aid could be 
conditional.  "Hamas must now run the very institutions it 
has opposed," commented Stoere, and they must understand that 
they need to respect the Road Map. Stoere remarked that the 
PLO was once a terrorist organization and see how they 
transformed, clearly hoping the same will be true with Hamas. 
4.  (C)  Comment:  We have been sensing that Stoltenberg's 
government has been itching to re-engage in a serious way in 
the Middle East peace process and now sees the post-election 
chaos as an opportunity for it to get involved given its 
considerable assistance to the Palestinians.  The Stoltenberg 
government's foreign policy mantra, with FM Jonas Stoere 
leading the charge, is to (re)establish Norway as a leader in 
peace mediation efforts.  Hence, the continuing efforts in 
Sudan, Sri Lanka and also the decisions to move away from the 
EU's terror designation list and to no longer invite Cuban 
dissidents to Norway's National day reception in Havana. 
With reference to the EU list, Norway believes it gains 
greater flexibility to engage with groups if it is not 
designating them as terrorist organizations (although it will 
follow UN designations); in the case of Cuba, it thinks it 
can have a "critical dialogue" with the Castro regime while 
still planning to support dissident groups the "other 364 
days of the year."  The Norwegians are keenly aware of our 
concerns on Cuba and have told us they would welcome our 
input on how they can make sure to signal to the dissidents 
that they continue to have Norway's support. 
5.  (U) A/S Fried cleared this message. 
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