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Origin: Embassy Baghdad
Created: 2005-10-05 18:40:00
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
Tags: PGOV PNAT PHUM KDEM IZ Parliament Media
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C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 BAGHDAD 004122 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 10/04/2015 
TAGS: PGOV, PNAT, PHUM, KDEM, IZ, Parliament, Media 
REF: A. A. BAGHDAD 3868 
     B. B. BAGHDAD 3795 
Classified By: Political Counselor Robert S. Ford for 
reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 
1. (C) Summary. UNAMI distribution of the Iraqi draft 
constitution is well underway.  750,000 copies of the 
text reached the southern governorates in the past 
five days.  Distribution to other parts of the country 
continues.  Kurdish copies are expected to arrive in 
Kurdistan by October 6.  Meanwhile, the international 
donor community pressed on with multimedia outreach 
campaigns designed to run parallel to the UNAMI 
constitution outreach program.  Recent Embassy 
Baghdad-sponsored visits to the Sunni areas with IECI 
commissioners have been a positive step in the 
outreach effort.  UNAMI has had to reduce the number 
of contracted printers from three to four, due to 
performance problems.  End summary. 
2. (C) The UNAMI Constitution Support Unit (CSU) has 
completed printing over 2 million copies of the draft 
constitution.  UNAMI is using PDS to distribute copies 
to the southern governorates and Baghdad.  UNAMI is 
working through local authorities to distribute the 
constitution in Kurdistan and through the Public 
Affairs office of the Council of Ministers to 
distribute copies to the rest of the country.  CSU 
reports nation-wide progress on distribution as of 
October 5 as follows: 
-- SOUTHERN PROVINCE PDS:  750,000 copies have been 
delivered to PDS warehouses in the southern provinces 
of Wasit, Maysan, Basrah, Muthanna, Najaf, Qadisiyah, 
Dhi Qar, Karbala, and Babil.  These drafts were 
reportedly picked up by food agents and delivered to 
PDS stores for Iraqi citizens to collect with their 
monthly food allotment. 
-- BAGHDAD: UNAMI has sent 395,000 drafts to the 
Baghdad PDS for immediate pick-up by PDS agents. 
-- WESTERN PROVINCES: UNAMI has delivered 500,000 
copies to the Council of Ministers Public Affairs 
office that were reportedly dispatched October 3 to 
the western provinces.  UNAMI provided an additional 
250,000 copies to the Public Affairs office October 5 
also destined for the western provinces, and will 
provide an additional 200,000 for delivery to Ninawa 
by week's end. 
-- KURDISTAN: Deliveries to Kurdistan have been 
delayed due to the late release of the TNA-approved 
Kurdish draft.  However, UNAMI predicted the first 
300,000 copies would be delivered to Erbil October 6, 
and another 300,000 copies to Sulaymaniyah October 9. 
The final 400,000 copies should be delivered to 
Sulaymaniyah on October 11. 
-- TURCOMAN DRAFTS: UNAMI had previously arranged for 
250,000 copies printed by the Turcoman community to be 
locally printed and distributed in Dahuk.  According 
to UNAMI, the Dahuk Turcoman community reports that 
all copies have been printed and distributed. 
-- ITG DISTRIBUTION: In addition to the above, the CSU 
has arranged for a final delivery by October 9 of 
1,250,00 copies for distribution to ministries for 
further distribution throughout the country to 
national government offices, universities, mosques, 
and civil society groups. 
performance problems with one of the four contracted 
printers, UNAMI has tasked the remaining three 
printers to increase production. 
3. (C) CSU staff report they are focusing primarily on 
TV and radio to conduct their constitution public 
outreach campaign.  For the final two weeks before the 
referendum, UNAMI will support the TNA Constitution 
Committee Outreach Unit with Public Service 
Announcements, short presentations on constitution 
education, and televised talk shows featuring 
discussions between TNA members and civil society 
leaders about the referendum.  UNOPS in Amman is also 
programming small workshops, radio programs, and 
mobile team visits primarily in the north and south. 
4. (SBU) In the run-up to the referendum, USAID- 
coordinated implementers -- NDI, IRI, and America's 
Democracy Foundation (ADF) -- will coordinate a series 
of 3,700 workshops in all 18 governorates with the 
goal of reaching an estimated 100,000 participants. 
USAID is also sponsoring 100 town hall meetings with 
local political and civic leaders.  The IRI-supported 
media campaign will include 600 slots for 30-second 
ads on the Al-Arabiya, Al-Sharqiya, and Al-Iraqya TV 
5. (SBU) Additional media programming includes four 
45-minute programs on key themes such as women, 
federalism, Iraqi identity, and Sunni Arab 
participation.  ADF and its subcontractor IREX 
continue to produce the highly successful television 
broadcast entitled "Our Constitution", a nationally 
aired 90-minute program shown weekly at prime time. 
In Sunni Arab areas, NDI and IRI are conducting an 
estimated 500 constitution workshops aimed at reaching 
an estimated 13,000 participants.  USAID also has a 
public information and get-out-the-vote campaign 
targeting Sunni Arabs. 
6. (C) In order to build a relationship of greater 
trust between the Independent Electoral Commission of 
Iraq (IECI) and Sunni Arabs, Embassy Baghdad has 
continued sponsoring outreach visits of IECI 
commissioners to key Sunni Arab-majority cities. 
These trips have allowed local government and civic 
leaders to address local election issues directly to 
the IECI commissioners in order to improve 
relationships between the Sunni Arab leaders and the 
IECI.  Most recently, post sponsored a combined 
IECI/Embassy team visit to Mosul October 3 (septel). 
Remaining trips include Fallujah (October 6) and 
Tikrit (October 10).  These trips also provide an 
opportunity to deliver newly printed copies of the 
draft constitution. 

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