US embassy cable - 02COLOMBO2078

Maldivian Government requests access to national held at Guantanamo

Identifier: 02COLOMBO2078
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Origin: Embassy Colombo
Created: 2002-11-05 11:37:00
Classification: SECRET//NOFORN
Tags: PTER PREL MV Maldives Human Rights
Redacted: This cable was not redacted by Wikileaks.
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S E C R E T COLOMBO 002078 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 11-05-12 
TAGS: PTER, PREL, MV, Maldives, Human Rights 
SUBJECT:  Maldivian Government requests access to 
national held at Guantanamo 
(U) Classified by Lewis Amselem, Deputy Chief of 
Mission.  Reasons 1.5 (b,d). 
1. (U) This is an ACTION REQUEST -- Please see Para 4. 
2. (S/NF) During a November 5 conversation, Maldivian 
MFA Permanent Secretary Ahmed Shaheed requested from the 
DCM that the United States share any intelligence 
information it may have garnered from Ibrahim Fouwzy, a 
Maldivian national held at Guantanamo.  Shaheed 
specifically asked for any information on ties Fouwzy 
may have with other Maldivian nationals.  In this 
regard, Shaheed also requested that the Maldivian 
government be permitted to conduct its own intelligence 
interview of Fouwzy.  (Note:  We understand that the 
Maldivian government may have made similar requests via 
other channels.) 
3. (S/NF) Shaheed also asked for consular access to the 
detainee.  Fouwzy's family has requested that the 
government visit him in Guantanamo. 
4. (S/NF)  ACTION REQUEST:  Mission requests guidance on 
how to respond to the three queries from the Maldivians, 
i.e., sharing of intelligence information garnered from 
Fouwzy, access to conduct their own intelligence 
interview, and consular access.  END ACTION REQUEST. 

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