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Origin: Embassy Cairo
Created: 2005-03-30 16:10:00
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
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C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 CAIRO 002514 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 03/30/2015 
TAGS: PREL, PGOV, PHUM, EG, IS, IZ, Elections 
Classified by Charge Gordon Gray for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 
1.  (C) During a March 30 meeting with the Foreign Minister 
regarding the induction of Israel's Magen David Adom society 
into the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement (septel), the Charge 
requested a readout on the latest Arab League summit in 
Algiers, as well as updates on a prospective Iraq Neighbors 
meeting in Istanbul and Egypt's rescheduling of a postponed 
G-8/Arab League conference on reform.  Aboul Gheit offered a 
generally upbeat assessment of the Arab League meeting, 
listing several accomplishments yet criticizing the decision 
by nine heads of state to not attend.  On an Iraq Neighbors 
meeting being planned by Turkey, Aboul Gheit expressed his 
intention to attend, provided the meeting came after 
formation of a government in Iraq and contributed to 
political stabilization there.  Aboul Gheit did not rule out 
rescheduling the postponed March 2-3 G-8/Arab League 
Ministerial in Cairo, but complained about "eleventh-hour" 
criticism by the UK (as G-8 Chair) and asserted close 
coordination by all parties was a prerequisite for 
rescheduling the Ministerial.  End summary. 
Read-out of Arab League Summit 
2.  (C) Asked his views on the results of the March 22-23 
Arab League summit, Aboul Gheit said he was very pleased with 
the outcome of the event, particularly the "peaceful 
atmosphere" in which the summit was held.  Offering specific 
accomplishments of the meeting, Aboul Gheit noted the success 
of Secretary Amre Moussa in receiving financial support for 
the cash-strapped League to fund its programs and 
initiatives.  Pointing to reforms of the League itself, Aboul 
Gheit noted the decision to create an Arab Parliament - a 
proposal that would take root and develop over the next five 
years, he said.  The group of leaders, he continued, agreed 
to alter the decision-making process within the League away 
from consensus and toward majority rule, and had agreed to 
the creation of a mechanism for the enforcement of formal 
decisions taken by member states. 
3.  (C) Other positive developments, he added, were the 
endorsement by heads of state of Iraq's political process and 
the absence of condemnation of the U.S. regarding its 
relationship to Libya.  Aboul Gheit cited his pleasure at the 
leaders' decision to lend their collective support to Egypt 
for membership in an expanded UN Security Council and 
criticized the absence of nine leaders from the Algiers 
summit.  While the most influential Arab leaders attended the 
summit, he said, the decision by many not to attend only 
harmed themselves. 
--------------------------------------------- ------------- 
Iraq:  Turkish-hosted Neighbors Meeting Must be Productive 
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4.  (C) Aboul Gheit confirmed reports that Turkey was 
consulting with other members of the Iraq Neighbors group 
regarding its hosting of a meeting, possibly in April.  Aboul 
Gheit noted that Turkey had floated April 18-19 as possible 
dates, but said he had a scheduling conflict since he planned 
to attend a ministerial meeting of the Afro-Asia countries 
April 20 in Indonesia.  He also noted that a New Partnership 
for Africa's Development summit would occur around the same 
time.  Furthermore, he added, an Iraq neighbors meeting 
should only take place when Iraq's political process had 
moved forward, a government is formed, and the Neighbors can 
contribute to political stabilization there.  Aboul Gheit 
stated that he had no objections, per se, to joining such a 
meeting, but again emphasized that the meeting should endorse 
positive developments there. 
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G-8/Arab League Reform Conference Still on Ice 
--------------------------------------------- - 
5.  (C) Responding to the Charge's question whether Egypt 
would reschedule its G-8/Arab League reform conference 
originally planned for March 2-3 in Cairo, Aboul Gheit said 
this subject was "sadly" not raised at the Algiers summit, as 
the GOE interpreted that the subject of regional reform had 
assumed a "lower priority" among attendees.  Even though 
neither Egypt nor any of the other representatives pressed 
this issue, he said, "we will have to reflect upon how to do 
so;  perhaps at an upcoming meeting in Amman in May of 
education and foreign ministers."  Aboul Gheit added that if 
there was interest from the U.S., the UK (as G-8 Chair), and 
others, it would take communication and coordination to get 
such a conference scheduled again.  Seeking to pin the blame 
elsewhere, Aboul Gheit continued that "eleventh hour" 
criticisms from the UK (not the U.S., he clarified) and a 
general "lack of engagement" on preparations for the 
conference from other G-8 participants had been unhelpful. 
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