US embassy cable - 02KATHMANDU958

Media Reaction: Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's U.S.'s visit

Identifier: 02KATHMANDU958
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Origin: Embassy Kathmandu
Created: 2002-05-17 01:33:00
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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E.O. 12958: N/A 
TAGS: OPRC, KMDR, NP, U.S-Nepali Relations 
SUBJECT: Media Reaction: Nepal Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's 
U.S.'s visit 
1.  "Western support" 
Editorial, "Kathmandu Post" (E/D, 5/106): "Prime Minister Sher 
Bahadur Deuba returned home after...a historic and rare meeting 
with U.S. President George Bush.  He obtained pledges of support 
from U.S. President Bush and UK Prime Minister Tony Blair... The 
gesture, which President Bush extended in meeting the Prime 
Minister is symbolic of the U.S. commitment to help new 
democracies like Nepal root out terrorism and the causes that give 
birth to terrorism..." 
"But the western support should not be taken for granted. The 
western countries do not supply arms merely to kill one another 
but to help the terrorist affected countries help themselves by 
helping to hit out against terrorists and, at the same time, 
addressing the state machinery towards economic, social, political 
as well as infrastructure development..." 
"The Prime Minister's visit abroad has helped to highlight the 
destructive nature of the Maoist movement and why the government 
was more than justified in labeling the Maoists as 'terrorists.'" 
2. "Deuba's foreign visit" 
Editorial, "Kantipur" (V/D, 5/16): "...The Prime Minister's visit 
should be considered successful in terms of receiving positive 
assurance for the security and development of the country. 
However, it will be a united effort of the people to get the 
country out of its adverse circumstances." 
3. "Prime Minister's foreign visit" 
Editorial, "Himalaya Times" (V/D, 5/16): "...Prime Minister 
Deuba's visit has helped Nepal strengthen its foreign relations, 
present its factual situation to the international community and 
get assistance for its development programs... There is no doubt 
that the meetings with such top leaders as President Bush and 
Prime Minister Blair have benefited Nepal..." 
4.  "Deuba's U.S. visit: sympathy and support" 
Article, "Spotlight" (E/W, 5/17-23): "Prime Minister Deuba appears 
to have succeeded in drawing the West's support for Nepal's effort 
to crush the Maoist insurgency... The positive response from the 
U.S. government has boosted the confidence of the Deuba 
government.  Similar pledges of assistance from the British 
government, too, have come at a time when the international 
community has been standing solidly behind the Deuba government in 
its fight against terrorists... This flurry of diplomatic activity 
indicates how Nepal's friends are coming out in full support of 
the kingdom in its hour of terrible crisis." 

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