US embassy cable - 02KATHMANDU926

Media Reaction: Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's visit to U.S.

Identifier: 02KATHMANDU926
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Origin: Embassy Kathmandu
Created: 2002-05-12 04:23:00
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E.O. 12958: N/A 
TAGS: OPRC, KMDR, NP, U.S-Nepali Relations 
SUBJECT: Media Reaction: Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur 
Deuba's visit to U.S. 
1.  "Earnest Appeal" 
Editorial, government-owned "Rising Nepal" (E/D, 5/10): "...Firm 
moral and material support to Nepal would also help 
reinforce...the perception that the U.S. is fighting against all 
forms and manifestations of terrorism, wherever they may be.  The 
recent U.S. announcement of an assistance package to Nepal is 
certainly useful.  But possibilities of an enhanced level of 
development cooperation from the U.S. and extension of specific 
facilities...those related to preferential access of Nepalese 
products to the U.S. market, have to be looked into by American 
leaders to help Nepal tide over the present adverse economic 
situation.  The Nepalese sincerely hope that the U.S. government 
and people have had a chance, during Mr. Deuba's current visit, to 
understand Nepal's difficult situation and then to think of ways 
to further advance the support to this country in need.  Its 
earnest appeal must be heard with sympathy by all American 
2.  "Deuba's U.S. visit: Enhancement of ties" 
Op-ed, Rising Nepal (E/D, 5/10): "...It may be worthwhile noting 
that the visit of Prime Minister Deuba to the US holds promises of 
further cooperation and support.  The US on its part has given the 
assurance of continuing support and this is an achievement.  The 
door has opened and Nepal will gain more in the days to come.  It 
is also a fitting answer to all those who had been critical of the 
Prime Minister's USA visit." 
3. "At the Oval" 
Editorial, India-leaning "Himalayan Times" (E/D, 5/10): "...A 
country's standing in the comity of nations is measured not in 
terms of who sees whom on how many occasions but on the basis of 
its power, influence, resources and, more importantly, on its 
commitment to the ideals of freedom, humanity, good governance and 
respect for law.  If not in power and so forth, Nepal can score on 
the latter counts.  The United States has been a good and reliable 
friend of Nepal... In this hour of need, America has once again 
demonstrated that when the chips are irrevocably down, it is there 
to help." 
"...America's mention of Nepal as a democracy and the increase of 
development assistance directed toward... initiatives described as 
'immediate high-impact job creation programs' that can provide 
opportunities to the unemployed segment, especially to the youth, 
and that can improve the living conditions of the Nepalis in rural 
areas is being treated with benign neglect.  This component of the 
American commitment is also an anti-terrorist measure in that it 
constitutes a package that seeks to dilute the widespread 
disillusionment and frustration stemming from poverty, joblessness 
and alienation.  The emphasis on 'rural areas' which have the 
fertile breeding ground for extremism should be taken to mean that 
it is where the real problem lies, and it is where ultimately the 
war has to be won.  The same holds true for democracy that is 
being practiced in Nepal.  In order that the dispensation is safe 
and secured, the political leadership just cannot shy away from 
its bounden duty to strive for justice, equality and compassion 
for the deprived and the downtrodden.  Meaningless rhetoric and 
sloganeering won't do, not anymore."  MALINOWSKI 

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