US embassy cable - 02KATHMANDU917

Media Reaction: Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's visit to U.S

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Origin: Embassy Kathmandu
Created: 2002-05-10 01:38:00
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TAGS: OPRC, KMDR, NP, U.S-Nepali Relations 
SUBJECT: Media Reaction: Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur 
Deuba's visit to U.S 
1. "Bush pledges military, economic aid to Nepal; Deuba jubilant" 
Article, "Kathmandu Post" (E/D, 5/9): "The United States has 
pledged vital support to make Nepal's democracy more vibrant with 
special emphasis on effective anti terrorist measures, peace and 
security of the Himalayan Kingdon.  The outcome of...the meeting 
Prime Minister Deuba had with President Bush...was more or less on 
the expected line and America's long term interest to be a partner 
in Nepal's peace progress and democratic exercise more visible 
than ever before..." 
2.  "U.S. extends full support" 
Editorial, "Space Time Today" (E/D, 5/9): "There seems to have 
been no specific areas in which assurance of U.S. assistance for 
resolving the insurgency was made during the meeting... Another 
noteworthy feature of Deuba's talks with Bush is that little 
emphasis has been placed on increasing American development 
assistance to Nepal... Prime Minister Deuba...will also meet the 
British Prime Minister.  Deuba is undertaking his visits abroad 
with the express purpose of seeking further foreign military 
assistance at a time when the general public opinion and the views 
of responsible political forces, including sections of the ruling 
party, are inclining towards resolving the insurgency issue 
through the negotiating table.  Deuba, nevertheless, is apparently 
acting oblivious to such voices..." 
3. "Fruitful Talks" 
Editorial, "Rising Nepal" (E/D, 5/9): "...The U.S. has been a 
great friend of Nepal.  The U.S. government's willingness to 
support Nepal in its fight against Maoist terrorists is very 
significant... The U.S. government's recent announcement of an 
assistance package to Nepal further underlined the importance it 
attaches to consolidating Nepal's multi-party democracy and 
development activities...  President Bush's assurance of continued 
support to Nepal's fight against the terrorism and strengthening 
and safeguarding democracy indicates that the Prime Minister's 
U.S. visit is absolutely successful..." 
4. "Deuba-Bush Talks" 
Editorial, "Gorkhapatra" (V/D, 5/9): "...America appears to be 
committed to helping Nepal to fight against terrorism... The talks 
have satisfied the expectations of Nepalis who have want to 
protect democracy and human rights in their country..." 
5. "Prime Minister's America visit" 
Article, "Jwala" (Pro-Maoist, V/W, 5/9): Deuba's America visit, at 
a time when leaders and party workers of the Nepali Congress and 
the major opposition parties, human rights organizations and civic 
society have called for dialogue to resolve the Maoist problem, 
has not pleased anyone... Nepal is a sovereign country. 
Foreigners are looking for every excuse to introduce their 
military bases.  If foreigners get an opportunity to enter Nepal 
in the name of controlling terrorism, Nepal's sovereignty might be 
put in danger... America killed thousands of Afghans in a futile 
attempt to find Osama bin Laden.  It cannot be denied that Nepal 
will encounter a similar situation if America begins to hunt 
Prachanda and Baburam [Top Maoist leaders]." 
6. "Deuba's U.S. visit" 
Op-ed, "Himalayan Times" (E/D, 5/9): "...This [Deuba-Bush meeting] 
is indicative of the importance attached by the U.S. to Nepal in 
its campaign to fight terrorism.  The United States has stated 
that it is not seeking permanent military bases in South Asia. 
Although the final report of the American needs assessment mission 
to Nepal, which will determine the kind of military aid to Nepal, 
will not be known for some time, it is unlikely that American 
bases will be established in Nepal or American soldiers will fight 
the war against the Maoists.  The most likely assistance will be 
in the form of equipment and training... Both India and China will 
be watching the American military aid to Nepal with keen interest" 
7. "Achievements should not be undermined by difference" 
Article, People's Reveiew (E/W, 5/9): "...The meting with 
President Bush is a major feather in the cap of beleaguered Prime 
Minister Deuba, who is facing opposition from not only the 
opposition parties back home, but from some of his own partymen, 
including former Prime Minister and President of the Nepali 
Congress Party Girija Prasad Koirala... With help from the USA and 
other Western countries, the army could probably quell the 
terrorism problem faster..." 
8.  "Questions raised by Prime Minister's U.S. visit" 
Op-ed, "Spacetime Dainik" (V/D, 5/8): "Declaring emergency in the 
country, Prime Minister Deuba has been in various cities of the 
U.S. for over a week for no reason.  The Deubas' visit rather 
looks like those of the honeymooners.  This has shown how 
irresponsible and thoughtless the Prime Minister is to the country 
and people.  The country has suffered an unbelievable loss over 
the last ten months of Deuba's governance..." 
9. "Prime Minister's America visit" 
Op-ed by Nepal's former Foreign Minister Shailendra Kumar 
Upadhayay, "Rajdhani" (V/D, 5/8): "...The Prime Minister's America 
visit will definitely be successful in terms of controlling the 
terrorist activities [in Nepal].  In the backdrop of the worldwide 
campaign against terrorism, the Nepal-U.S. relationship has taken 
a new course.  Secretary Powell's visit to Nepal further 
heightened the relationship.  It can be hoped that Prime Minister 
Deuba's America visit will further strengthen the Nepal-U.S. 
relationship and improve mutual understanding..." 
10. "Successful Meeting" 
Editorial, "Himalaya Times" (V/D, 5/8): "The meeting of Prime 
Minister Deuba with President Bush, the leader of the most 
prosperous country in the world, is a matter of excitement and 
satisfaction.  America has helped Nepal in many areas, including 
education, agriculture and technology... Nepal and America both 
are fighting terrorism now.  We are in a serious need of foreign 
economic assistance as the Maoist attacks have destroyed many of 
our physical infrastructures.  The Deuba visit is expected to make 
necessary endeavors in this regard..." 
11. "Bush-Deuba talks" 
Article, RSS (National News Agency) news carried by several of 
Nepal's prominent newspapers: "Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba 
has expressed gratitude for the clear expression of support 
extended by the United States of America to Nepal as Nepal makes 
determined efforts to combat terror..." 

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