US embassy cable - 02KATHMANDU891

Media Reaction: Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba's visit to U.S.; French Presidential elections

Identifier: 02KATHMANDU891
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Origin: Embassy Kathmandu
Created: 2002-05-07 11:16:00
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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E.O. 12958: N/A 
SUBJECT: Media Reaction: Nepal's Prime Minister Sher Bahadur 
Deuba's visit to U.S.; French Presidential elections 
1.  " Deuba's US, UK trip" 
Editorial, "Kathmandu Post" (E/D, 5/7): "...Prime Minister Sher 
Bahadur Deuba's trip to the United States of America and the 
United Kingdom has come at a crucial time when Nepal needs 
international support for its development initiatives and 
security.  The serious attention that Deuba's trip has drawn in 
those countries shows that both are concerned about Nepal's 
situation and needs.  But the absence of a consensus on foreign 
policy matters among various political parties has quite often 
sent a wrong signal abroad and has even confused donors..." 
"Nepal's campaign against the Maoist violence has, no doubt, 
attracted international concern and support.  But the support will 
not be a blanket one.  Alleged violation of human rights by the 
government will be raised in international fora as human rights 
record of a particular country affects aid disbursements and other 
concessions.  If Deuba succeeds in securing international support 
to keep up the ongoing campaign against terrorism and help to 
rebuild the ravaged infrastructure, that will be considered a 
major achievement." 
2.  "A Significant Meeting" 
Editorial, Rising Nepal (E/D, 5/7): "...It is an opportunity for 
Nepal views on a number of pertinent issues in the 
backdrop of Nepal's fight against terrorism... The US on its part 
has agreed to support and cooperate with Nepal in its bid to 
contain the terrorists... The meeting in Washington D.C...with 
Secretary of State Colin Powell is viewed with optimism and in the 
interest of the country... The desire of the USA to see peace 
prevail in Nepal speaks for the concern that it has for the 
overall welfare of this country... That Mr. Deuba's talks with 
President Bush will end on a bright note is a foregone 
3.  "On the French Front" 
Editorial, Himalayan Times (E/D, 5/7): "The re-election of 
President Jacques Chirac for a second term will probably go down 
in the French annals as a political event of great significance 
for the Republic and the European Union... France, though quite 
safe now from a far-right backlash, is certainly not out of the 
woods.  During his renewed tenure, President Chirac must 
demonstrate to the French public that he is not only committed to 
but also capable of cleansing his administration... The second not going to be an easy one, given the discontent that 
has come to grip the French psyche over the last few years... The 
popular verdict was clear against Le Pen whose racist and anti- 
Semitic postures drew criticism from across the political 
spectrum.  This year's presidential contest was, therefore, a 
blessing in disguise for the French people.  They united against 
what could very well have grievously hurt their reputation around 
the world." 

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