US embassy cable - 04MADRID608


Identifier: 04MADRID608
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Origin: Embassy Madrid
Created: 2004-02-23 07:29:00
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
Tags: PTER PREL SP Counterterrorism
Redacted: This cable was not redacted by Wikileaks.
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C O N F I D E N T I A L MADRID 000608 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 02/20/2014 
TAGS: PTER, PREL, SP, Counterterrorism 
Classified By: Charge J. Robert Manzanares per 1.5 (b) and (d). 
1.  (SBU)  Dieter Snell and Hyon Kim of the 9-11 Commission 
visited Madrid February 13.   At their request, the Embassy 
arranged a meeting for them with Judge Baltasar Garzon of the 
National Court.   This was the only appointment with Spanish 
officials that the Commission staff sought.   Garzon is 
directing the case against a Spain-based al Qaeda cell, led 
by Eddin Barakat Yarkas (a Syrian born naturalized Spanish 
citizen).   Barakat Yarkas was arrested in November 2001 and 
remains in Spanish custody along with other cell members, 
awaiting trial. 
2.  (C)  Judge Garzon, accompanied by Spanish National Police 
Inspector (Comisario) Rafael Gomez Menor, met with Snell and 
Kim for three hours on February 13.    Embassy political 
officer accompanied.   Garzon outlined the activities of the 
Barakat Yarkas al Qaeda cell, such as its recruitment for al 
Qaeda camps.   Snell and Kim were particularly interested in 
Spanish police phone taps of cryptic conversations between 
Barakat Yarkas and a contact in the UK.   The contact, who 
has never been identified and is known only as "Shakur," told 
Barakat Yarkas (in Arabic) in August 2001 that something 
would happen in the next few weeks that he would like and 
made comments to the effect that the "bird's" throat would be 
cut.   Garzon and Gomez believe these conversations indicate 
a foreknowledge of the 9-11 conspiracy. 
3.  (C)  Gomez Menor, who is the head of the police unit 
investigating the case, narrated a power point presentation 
for Snell and Kim on the Barakat Yarkas cell members and 
their activities.   Garzon and Gomez also discussed with 
Snell and Kim the possibilities that Barkat Yarkas or members 
of his cell might have been in contact with Mohamad Atta or 
other 9-11 conspirators during Atta's two visits to Spain in 
4.  (SBU)  Prior to the meeting with Garzon, Snell and Kim, 
as they had requested, had a meeting at the Embassy with 
Legat, who was accompanied by a lawyer from FBI headquarters. 
  They also paid a courtesy call on the Charge.   Snell and 
Kim departed for Berlin on February 14. 

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