US embassy cable - 04MADRID583 (original version)


Identifier: 04MADRID583
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Origin: Embassy Madrid
Created: 2004-02-20 05:57:00
Classification: CONFIDENTIAL
Tags: PTER KAWC PHUM PINR SP Counterterrorism
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C O N F I D E N T I A L MADRID 000583 
E.O. 12958: DECL: 02/19/2014 
TAGS: PTER, KAWC, PHUM, PINR, SP, Counterterrorism 
Classified By: Charge J. Robert Manzanares per 1.5 (b) and (d). 
1.  (C)  The Spanish National Police (SNP) have officially 
requested via the Embassy that the USG authorize Spanish 
police access to interview two Guantanamo detainees.    SNP 
seeks to develop information regarding the two detainees' 
training, recruitment and deployment into Afghanistan.  The 
two detainees are: 
Omar Amer Deghayes, ISN US9LY-00727-DP (Libyan) 
Jamil Abdul Latif Elbanna, ISN US9JO-00905-DP   (Palestinian) 
2.  (C)  Judge Baltasar Garzon is leading the investigation 
into the al Qaeda cell arrested in Spain in November 2001. 
Garzon believes that cell leader Eddin Barakat Yarkas, aka 
Abu Dahdah, recruited these two individuals in Spain. 
Garzon has stressed to us that he faces tight deadlines for 
the prosecution of Barakat Yarkas and his cell members. 
Garzon has told us he must have all evidence in final form to 
present to the prosecutor no later than April 2004.    For 
this reason, SNP investigators and Garzon stress that getting 
access to the above-named detainees as soon as possible is 
3.   (SBU) On February 13, the Spanish Council of Ministers 
approved Judge Garzon's request to seek the extradition to 
Spain from Guantanamo of Deghayes and Elbanna (and a third 
detainee, Lahcen Ikassrien, a Moroccan).  This decision took 
place on the same day that the USG transferred a Spanish 
national Guantanamo detainee to Spanish custody for 
prosecution, under Garzon's direction, as a member of the al 
Qaeda cell and a recruit of Barakat Yarkas. 

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